Our Team


Michelle Poindexter

 Michelle has recently been elected as a board member to the Missouri Hemp Trade Association, and also serves as a member on the council for Missouri Hemp Association.  Through her involvement with both associations, she strives to advance the commercial opportunities of Missouri farmers through advocacy, education and farmer-friendly regulations.  She continues to work diligently with both associations to lobby the Missouri legislature to provide rules and regulations that will help put Missouri on the forefront of Hemp production.  As the co-founder of MoCann Extracts her number one objective is to provide consumers with a natural alternative to many of the synthetic and highly processed over the counter medications currently being prescribed.  She is truly an advocate for Farmer-To-Consumer hemp products.  


Felice Porrata

 Felice’s approach to holistic health drives her desire to provide natural remedies for the many ailments that our friends and family suffer from daily.  She has a passion for organic gardening and has applied her knowledge of organic practices to hemp cultivation.  Also an advocate for legislative change, Felice has lent her voice and efforts to help create and amend legislation allowing Missouri farmers to take advantage of the many opportunities created through hemp cultivation.   As the co-founder of MoCann Extracts she looks to create product transparency to allow the consumer to fully understand, and trust, what they are putting into their bodies. 


Luke Poindexter

Luke's extensive background in operations management, quality control and manufacturing, along with his hemp cultivation experience, allows him to help farmers prepare for their first hemp cultivation from seed to harvest.  Luke is focused on operational efficiency within MoCann’s processes from the farmer's delivery of biomass through the extraction of CBD distillate.   He is keenly focused on current market trends and relationship building with potential buyers to ensure our customers are receiving the best price for the CBD distillate processed from their material.